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Since 1968, First Baptist Athletics has offered families in the Indianapolis area a youth sports program with an educational emphasis on athletics and respect. Today at FBA there are over 2,000 families choosing to play little league baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse at our facility. We are conveniently located on the corner of 86th Street and College Avenue. Our beautiful 40-acre property includes 12 baseball fields, 11 soccer fields, and an on-site gym, so families will never have to travel to other facilities to attend practices or play games. FBA staff are able to work with families on an individual needs basis to meet most scheduling conflicts when assigning children to teams.


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Apr 25,2022

Across the Way from FBA

Convenience and a desire to plug in to their local community brought the Neddo family to FBA two years ago. They plan on staying for years to come.

Jul 29,2021

Learning to Parent, Learning to Be Human at FBA

Dr. Edward Curtis and his wife, Regan Zwald, became of part of the FBA community in 2012. Their two sons, Zayd, 14, and Gabriel, 6, have played various sports at FBA. They also have a 10-year-old daughter, Alia. Edward wrote t...

Apr 27,2021

The FBA Way

Our second blog post of 2021 comes from former FBA Director, George Robinson. We asked George to write about how FBA’s culture is preserved.

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