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First Baptist Athletics

About FBA – An Indianapolis Youth Sports Leader


Since 1968, First Baptist Athletics has offered families in the Indianapolis area a youth sports program with an educational emphasis on athletics and respect. Today at FBA there are over 3,000 families choosing to play baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and flag football at our facility.

We are conveniently located on the corner of 86th Street and College Avenue. Our beautiful 40-acre property includes 10 baseball/softball fields, 9 soccer fields, 6 flag football fields, and an on-site gym.  Of special note, the Denny Barrett Fieldhouse was completed on August 1, 2024, and has convertible floor space for 4 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts, and 8 pickleball courts as well as a community room, conference room, cafe, and outdoor patio and playground.  We hope to provide a centralized campus where families will never need to travel to other facilities to attend practices or play games.

FBA staff are able to work with families on an individual needs basis to meet most scheduling conflicts when assigning children to teams.


FBA’s philosophy
 is to provide a safe environment that will encourage participation and learning fundamentals. The original name, CCA, stood for Church and Community Athletics. This name symbolized the vision of teaching young people and coaches how to compete on the playing field without sacrificing sportsmanship and respect for others. FBA provides an alternative to sports programs that emphasize winning at all costs. This unusual balance of athletic competition and good sportsmanship has made First Baptist Athletics a recognized leader in youth sports programming and child development.

The FBA goal is to show children how to win, how to lose, and how to demonstrate good sportsmanship at the same time. Today’s social culture often glorifies poor sportsmanship and lack of respect for others, but FBA coaches, commissioners, parents, and volunteers are expected to model and teach young athletes how to compete graciously in the hopes of learning larger life lessons.

FBA’s motto, “The Place for Good Sports,” illustrates that we can use youth sports to teach children these life-long values:

  • The importance of teamwork and fair play
  • Respect for others
  • Gracious winning and losing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own actions