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Apr, 2021

The FBA Way

First Baptist Athletics has sustained a culture of sportsmanship for more than a half-century.  I believe there are a number of key factors in this remarkable achievement.

To begin with, there are expectations. Expectations of parents, expectations of coaches, expectations of officials, expectations of staff.  Everyone. And it is even observed in new parents. They bring their child to FBA expecting a certain environment and culture—fun, good sportsmanship, and a decidedly family atmosphere. If they don’t see it, they are greatly disappointed. The preservation of this culture requires vigilance, continuity, and discipline.   

Secondly, there are internal actions and reminders that the staff presents regularly and consistently. Coaches meetings were always a good place for me to look the coaches in the eye and remind them what FBA is about. Not their past glory, but the development of these children. The coaches are the front lines for the program, and they usually got the message. Newsletters, signage, and emails to parents are more current vehicles for FBA staff to regularly check in and remind parents what is important and what is not. Our sportsmanship essay contests are a great way to involve the kids in learning what the values of respect, teamwork, responsibility and citizenship actually mean.     

While we do our best to uphold FBA’s traditional values, we are not always successful. Sometimes a parent or coach steps outside the bounds of our value system. When this happens we swiftly (and gently) remind them of who we are at FBA and how we act. We are here to encourage, support and love these young people. We are most interested in the whole child, not just the athlete. 

The children of FBA are all our kids for the time they are here. We want the best for them and need and expect everyone to be involved in working towards that goal. All together in support of each and every child. That is the FBA way.    

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